Since 2009,Qingdao Topline Machinery Co. Ltd, have been manufacturing various steel products for foreign markets. During the years growing with our customers, our factory has four workshops and more than 100 workers are working for customers now. Our company is focused to provide customers with TOPLINE quality products and service.

Our production line includes cattle yard panels & gates, cattle crushes, cattle loading ramps, cattle headbails, bale feeders, sheep yard panels & gates, sheep draft gates, sheep weighing crates, farm gates, farm gate fittings, temporary fences, horse round pens, horse stalls, dairy headlocks, dairy free stalls, sow farrowing crates, sow gestation stalls, and so on.


Any feedbacks or good suggestions from our customers or our competitors are treasures to us. Any of the improvement will finally make our customers good quality products, with competitive prices and quick delivery. We welcome you to visit us and we look forward to the cooperation!


Qingdao Topline Machinery Co.. Ltd